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Essential frontend development browser extensions

Here’s the tools I’m currently using for frontend development:
Web Developer – All sorts of useful tools that you don’t get with the browser standard developer tools
PixelZoomer – Screengrab, zoom, measure and colour pick
FireRainbow – Adds JavaScript syntax highlighting in Firebug
Dust-Me Selectors – helps with clearing out redundent CSS
Empty Cache Button – Adds a button that’s a shortcut to clear the cache
FireDiff – Track changes in the DOM

Visual Event – Bookmarklet that displays JavaScript events on the current page
XRay – Bookmarketlet gives you tools for looking at layout in older browsers
CompanionJS – Gives you a console in IE6/7/8! Plus other JavaScript debugging tools.

Bookmarklet that exposes JavaScript events

Really good at answering the question “which script just did that?”

Visual Event