PNG Optimisation File Watcher for WebStorm

Here is a great file watcher that will optimise any PNG file added or modified in the project. It uses OptiPNG and a ‘scope’ called ‘PNG Images’ that targets only PNG images

<TaskOptions isEnabled="true">
 <option name="arguments" value="-strip all -v $FileDir$\$FileName$" />
 <option name="checkSyntaxErrors" value="true" />
 <option name="description" value="Uses OptiPNG to optimise new images" />
 <option name="exitCodeBehavior" value="ALWAYS" />
 <option name="fileExtension" value="Images" />
 <option name="immediateSync" value="false" />
 <option name="name" value="PNG Optimisasion" />
 <option name="output" value="" />
 <option name="outputFilters">
 <array />
 <option name="outputFromStdout" value="false" />
 <option name="passParentEnvs" value="true" />
 <option name="program" value="$PROJECT_DIR$/Tools/OptiPng/optipng.exe" />
 <option name="scopeName" value="PNG Images" />
 <option name="trackOnlyRoot" value="false" />
 <option name="workingDir" value="$ProjectFileDir$" />
 <envs />
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