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Bookmarklet that exposes JavaScript events

Really good at answering the question “which script just did that?”

Visual Event

JQuery UI Widget Boilerplate

I’m always writing this stuff out again and again so I thought I’d save the most useful stuff for copying and pasting.

The widget

$.widget("ui.aWidgetName", {
    options: {
        requiredOptionOne: null,
        requiredOptionTwo: null,
		optionalOptionOne: null,
        $thisElement: null
    _init: function () {
        var self = this,
            $thisElement = $(self.element); //NOTE: Useful for refining JQuery selectors ie. $(".something", $thisElement)

        if (!!self.options.optionOne && !!self.options.optionTwo) {
            //NOTE: do widgety stuff, but only if required options have been set
        } else {

Accessing an option after init

//NOTE: get
$(".widgetElementSelector").aWidgetName("options", "optionalOptionOne") //NOTE: note the 's' on 'options'
//NOTE: set
$(".widgetElementSelector").aWidgetName("options", "optionalOptionOne", "aValue") 

Custom callbacks

//NOTE: a point where you want to trigger event

//NOTE: when creating a widget
	anEventName: function (event) {
		//NOTE: stuff to do when the event happens

//NOTE: binding after widget init
//NOTE: the concatinated widget/event name is converted to lower case
$(":data(aWidgetName)").bind("awidgetnameaneventname", function () { 
    $(".marketing-video-container object").css({ "width": "0", "height": "0" });

JQuery filter

Takes a selector or a function to filter your selected elements.

$("*").filter(function() {
    return $(this).css('z-index') > 0 ? true : false;
}).each(function() {
    $(this).css("border", "1px solid red");
    console.log("z-index:" + $(this).css('z-index'));

Some debug code to isolate an element

This is great if you have layout issues and want to simplify things. Just add a selector for the only element you want on your page. In the following its page header.

var theElement = $(".page-header");
$("body > *").remove();

The best of all the Ellipsis JQuery Plugins

Possibly the best JQuery slider in the world?