Adding CSS to a page through Javascript

There is no sensible reason to use this but it comes in handy as a hack for CMS systems – when there is no other choice!.

var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],
                style = document.createElement('style'),
                rules = document.createTextNode('.coming-soon-state-selection{margin:25px 0;}.coming-soon-table{width:593px;}.coming-soon-table .title{overflow:hidden;}.coming-soon-table .title h3{float:left;font-size:1.375rem;}.coming-soon-table .title p{float:right;line-height:2rem;padding-left:22px;}.coming-soon-table .coming-soon-state{border-bottom:1px solid #dbdbdb;}.coming-soon-table .coming-soon-state .category .category-title{min-height:40px;border-top:1px solid #dbdbdb;border-bottom:1px dotted #ababab;overflow:hidden;}');

    style.type = 'text/css';
    if (style.styleSheet) {
        style.styleSheet.cssText = rules.nodeValue;
    } else {
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