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.gitignore files

A github with loads of useful .gitignore files

Microsoft Word to HTML

Had to save this handy little tool.

IM Chat Software

Pidgin’s Facebook IM functionality has stopped working for me so I’m on the hunt for an alternative.  I’m also looking for something that has better Twitter support too.

The options.

Trillian and Digsby are simple chat clients that seem to have crowbared in Twitter and Facebook. It works but neither are that great for browsing updates.  Both fail when having to display the more advanced content that people post to Facebook (links, images etc).

Digsby is free but is borderline adware/spyware.  It tries to install the toolbar on installation and then wants to use you CPU’s idle time which I guess it sells on (both can be disabled) but maybe worst of all without notice it changed my Facebook status to an advert for itself!

Trillian relies on people buying the pro version but the free version is still feature rich.  However it’s slick UI does not work well with Facebook and Twitter.  Everything is geared around sending IMs.  The ‘post tweet’ button is part of the connection settings icons which are hidden most of the time.  I even found that I could click on links that were within tweets.  It also lacks what should be the standard Twitter functionality of shortening URLs and upload pictures.

Seemic Desktop and Orsiso were the layout and functionality I was expecting.  Seemic is stable and clearly displays both Facebook and Twitter posts.  But it’s features are limited and apart from hiding columns there is little control over the updates you see.  Orsiso has every feature you could want but is still beta, and it shows.  It doesn’t crash but some things just don’t work.  However there is enough there to make it a clear winner in my eyes.  But if you want something more stable try Seemic.

Intuos tablet (Mrk 1) and Windows 7

I’ve just spent the last 3 hours getting my tablet working with windows 7 through a USB to C0M port converter. It seems there are two tricks to getting it to work so thought make quick note of what they are.

1. Add the following to the registary:


2.Create a file called tablet.dat containing the below and place it in your system32 folder:

PrefsFileVersion 4
DriverOn1Off0 1
DriverLanguage 0
LeftHandedMouse 0
FunkyButtonMode 0
NoStartWarnings 0
HowManyTablets 1
TabletType 0
TabletModel 203
CommPort COM2
TabletOn1Off0 1
TabletPhysicallyOn 1
TabletFlags 0
HowManyTransducers 0

Hope this saves someone 3 hours 🙂

Setting Dimensions to Auto Programmatically (C#)

I spent ages looking for an Auto object!

RectMouseOver.Width = double.NaN;

I guess this is logical as a dimension is either a number or Auto. So setting it to NaN switches it to the default of Auto.

Refining CSS Rollover Images Even Further

Sometimes you think your making things as simple as you can and yet your not. This method only uses CSS so no need to worry about JavaScript. However it requires a class for each size of button. But for most designs the size will be the same so this is not a problem.


Refining CSS Rollover Images

I’ve just been trying to refine CSS rollovers using some JavaScript. The JavaScript gets the height of the block element and positions the background image relatively. The system reverts to text links should CSS or JavaScript fails.


Modal Window with "autoOpen" set to false

Setting autoOpen to false and triggering it to open through separate calls is a better way to use modal windows.

//Modal dialog
modal: true,
resizable: false,
autoOpen: false,
overlay: {
opacity: 0.5,
background: "black"
$("#register").click(function (e) {

$("#register").click(function (e) {

Modal Window – JQuery

A quick JQuery test which creates a modal window with rounded corners.


The modal window is a standard JQuery dialog box with the visibility changed to accommodate curvy corners.

GTA 4 on the PC Sucks!

I can’t believe I waited 8 months for this!!

I know they say it’s a small number of users that have the problem but the number of posts out there isn’t small.  Not only is there the missing texture issue the FPS is terible but can be easily fix but editing a few config files.  It seems Rockstar rushed it out the door for Christmas and are hoping that the PC market doesn’t mind waiting for a patch.