Refining CSS Rollover Images

I’ve just been trying to refine CSS rollovers using some JavaScript. The JavaScript gets the height of the block element and positions the background image relatively. The system reverts to text links should CSS or JavaScript fails.



Modal Window with "autoOpen" set to false

Setting autoOpen to false and triggering it to open through separate calls is a better way to use modal windows.

//Modal dialog
modal: true,
resizable: false,
autoOpen: false,
overlay: {
opacity: 0.5,
background: "black"
$("#register").click(function (e) {

$("#register").click(function (e) {

Modal Window – JQuery

A quick JQuery test which creates a modal window with rounded corners.


The modal window is a standard JQuery dialog box with the visibility changed to accommodate curvy corners.

GTA 4 on the PC Sucks!

I can’t believe I waited 8 months for this!!

I know they say it’s a small number of users that have the problem but the number of posts out there isn’t small.  Not only is there the missing texture issue the FPS is terible but can be easily fix but editing a few config files.  It seems Rockstar rushed it out the door for Christmas and are hoping that the PC market doesn’t mind waiting for a patch.