Ven Diagram

Saw one, thought I could do better:

Let me know if you think it can be improved.

    • littlemad
    • December 1st, 2011

    I like your approach, my humble suggestions if you feel like:

    Try with a different green tone that create more contrast with white letters, or make them black the one that are too light.

    – Prototyping it is part of UI, it should be closer to that.
    – UI and UX are so easy to confuse, that I wouldn’t put both or at least not so close.
    – Fashion lead design: I do not understand the concept of Audience, while I expect more Brand.
    – Brand and Public Image, I would call Public Image: Brand perception.
    Give it a title to put the subject in a contest.

    Keep do things like that, they are fun to do, and help you to set in stone in your brain some concepts reaching a deeper level of understandings on things.

      • moefinley
      • December 1st, 2011

      UX and UI do get confused. But I think its important to show there difference.

      Audience is where culture and the market place meet. But it is slightly miss placed as its now between business and visual design. Might do some tweaking and post a v2.

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