Intuos tablet (Mrk 1) and Windows 7

I’ve just spent the last 3 hours getting my tablet working with windows 7 through a USB to C0M port converter. It seems there are two tricks to getting it to work so thought make quick note of what they are.

1. Add the following to the registary:


2.Create a file called tablet.dat containing the below and place it in your system32 folder:

PrefsFileVersion 4
DriverOn1Off0 1
DriverLanguage 0
LeftHandedMouse 0
FunkyButtonMode 0
NoStartWarnings 0
HowManyTablets 1
TabletType 0
TabletModel 203
CommPort COM2
TabletOn1Off0 1
TabletPhysicallyOn 1
TabletFlags 0
HowManyTransducers 0

Hope this saves someone 3 hours 🙂

    • Mil
    • August 10th, 2009

    You can try for vista64

    • ph0n33z
    • August 18th, 2009

    Hey man! How strange that I am attempting to get the exact same tablet working with Windows 7 at the same time you are!

    Which drivers are you using with this? I can’t get mine to work at all, even after following your guide. Also, your tablet.dat has COM2 whereas the registry entry has COM7. Is that correct?

      • moefinley
      • August 20th, 2009

      Mine started working after I added the tablet.dat with my USB converter setup as COM2. The COM7 thing must be a mistake – I tried a few ports as I was trying to get it to work. I’m not at my computer to check but I have a look as soon as I am.

      Make sure you install the drivers after adding the two files.

  1. I’ve done all the instructions and keep getting back to the same problem. I’m running Vista Business 64-bit, using a USB-to-SERIAL adapter for my GD-0608-R but I have tried various sites and I keep getting the same problem: vista doesn’t find any Drivers for the tablet. I have tired US drivers, for USB and Universal, and European Int. versions, non of them seem to install the drivers at the right location for Windows to pick them up. I get the option to locate the drivers manually but the Wacom Driver installation does not seem to leave any folder for the install files. Does anyone know where they are? Which Temp folder they may be it? Or another work around this problem? After each install and reboot the system recognize the tablet asking for drivers for the GD-0608-R so it’s finding it, just not finding any drivers.

    • ph0n33z
    • September 28th, 2009

    Were you able to find out which drivers you installed? I still can’t get mine to work.

    • brennbaer
    • October 2nd, 2009

    i recently stumbled over this blog.
    Does anybody know if there is any chance at all to make the UD-1212-R work under Windows 7 64-bit?
    My tablet is in almost like new condition and it serves my needs more than sufficiently. So buying a new one only becoz of Windows 7 wouldn’t make much sense to me.

    thanks and cheers

    • moefinley
    • October 31st, 2009

    I can’t comment about 64bit but as recommended by Mil try vtablet.

    • tif
    • November 14th, 2009

    The drivers at won’t work with win 7.

    • brennbaer
    • March 13th, 2010

    hi everybody,
    maybe you know already that there is a beta driver at vtablet.comn for Win7 64-bit.
    I just dowloaded and installed it.
    As it seems it installed at least somehow successfully.
    This menas that its Tablet manager can be started.

    Now to my problem:
    i tried a Wacom UD 1212-R and a GD 608-R.
    Both are connected through a Logilink (Prolific-Chip) USB-to-Serial Adapter which is installed correctly. (Of course the tablets are not connected to the computer at the same time)

    When i move the pen over the tablet’s surface i see some numbers changing under “Port Interrupts” and “Packet Errors” in the “Driver area” of the “Status Tab”.
    So apparently some signals are arriving.
    But the problem is that the cursor does not move at all.

    Does somebody else experience the same thing?
    What is going wrong?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Omardex
    • April 2nd, 2010

    The Vtablet beta driver works for the wacom GD-1218-R in windows 7 X64, the only thing is that the pressure sensitivity doesnt work neither photoshop nor zbrush.

    its a step ahead i think only have to wait until a propper driver arrives

    • omardex
    • December 4th, 2010
    • Tam
    • September 9th, 2011

    dead links here too. nothing works

      • moefinley
      • September 14th, 2011

      Sorry the links are dead. However everything you need is in the post. Just create a .reg file and a .dat file from the code snippets.

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