Expression Media Encoder – The code behind

Just been learning some new things about the Expression Media Encoder templates as I go through and re-skin them for various projects. Need to jot it all down before I forget.

The templates use Control Templates so the code for a User Control exists in only one place. But this makes the structure of the code a little unusual. Elements within the control are brought into the script by a class called GetTemplateChild

m_toolsButton = GetTemplateChild(ToolsButton) as ToggleButton;

Without this you can’t access elements in the Control Template. Thankfully most of the elements have been exposed already. However I couldn’t pick out at what point these elements get exposed.

For the media element you can add a PlaylistItem at any point so you don’t need to worry about accessing the media element’s source.

ExpressionMediaPlayer.PlaylistItem item = new ExpressionMediaPlayer.PlaylistItem()
     MediaSource = new Uri(VideoSource),
     Description = "blah",
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