Using Visual State Groups

Visual State GroupsJust started using Visual State Groups.  They provide a great way to merge animations of different types.  In this example I have an animation that drops the content of a user control in from the top called ‘Show’ and another one that pulls it back up again when the user is finished with it called ‘Hide’.

However the user control also needs to slide in from the left into four different positions depending on what’s called it.  Without Visual State Groups I would have to add my up/down animations to each left/right animation.

By splitting them up – making sure no animation conflicts – I can run a ‘Show’ animation with any of my five left/right animations.


PS. This later caused me problems as I wanted to play one animation from one Visual State Group before the other.  This could only be solved by getting rid of the groups and just changing the left/right alignment programatically.  Still Visual State Groups can have alsorts of advantages even if they weren’t appropriate here.

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  3. is there any way to have the state the screen is in remain constant even after navigating to a different screen?

      • moefinley
      • October 31st, 2009

      There isn’t any way to do it just within XAML, but you could save the current state in a variable and then load it again with transitions set to false.

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