Cool C# Stuff

Begining to get to grips with the basics of C# so I thought I post a few reminders for myself.

UserControl Properties. These are just properties of a method but in Silverlight you can think of them as properties of any usercontrol.  For example you might have a button that has a ‘simple mode’ that switches of the animation and sounds.

private bool _simpleMode = false;

public bool SimpleMode
set { _simpleMode = value; }
get { return _simpleMode; }

You can then query _simpleMode before playing animations or sounds.

Resquest as syntax. Sometime you want an element as a certain class (elements can be requested as a class they inherit from).  The neatest way to do this is with the syntax below.

FrameworkElement fe = (FrameworkElement)BriefInfoUserControl;
VisualStateManager.GoToState((Control)fe, "Hide", false);

This requests a user Control as a FrameworkElement and then requests it again as a Usercontrol. Pointless but a good example 🙂

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